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Chiropractic Care

Hometown Integrated Medicine is Lancaster, Ohio’s go-to practice for chiropractic care. Chiropractic is an excellent way to reduce pain and feel more energized throughout the day. Whether you’re struggling with an old sports injury or spend most of your day hunched over a computer, chiropractic medicine can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of getting adjusted:

  • Reduce back pain
  • Improve range of motion
  • Eliminate numbness and tingling
  • Strengthen your immune system

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5 Signs You Might Need Chiropractic Care

Take a look at these scenarios and see if they match what you’re feeling.

  1. You work an office job. Poor posture can have lasting effects on the body. The muscles get used to uncomfortable sitting positions and put unneeded strain on the spine. Chiropractic can help you develop better posture and reverse the effects of slouching and bending of the neck.
  2. You struggle with frequent sicknesses. The body’s natural drainage system can be disrupted when the spine is out of alignment. Pinched nerves disrupt communication between different body parts and constant pain sends stress-inducing signals to the immune system. Chiropractic resets this system and improves the immune system.
  3. Your arms or legs fall asleep quickly. Sometimes a misaligned spine will put pressure on certain nerves. As a result, you might feel increased tingling in the hands and feet. In serious cases, this can lead to lasting nerve damage if left uncorrected.
  4. You’re still hurting after an old injury. If you were in a mild car accident a year ago, you might still feel as though you haven’t completely healed. Your neck hurts and the space between your shoulder blades still aches. Chiropractic can reset your body after trauma and injury.
  5. You’re under a lot of stress. Stress can cause our muscles to tighten. These tight muscles can then put pressure on our spines and cause vertebrae to come out of alignment. LIekwise, a mislaligned spine can cause tension on nearby muscles.

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Safe, Accessible, and Effective

You don’t need to worry when seeking chiropractic care. Over the past 30 years, the field has grown in popularity and credibility with more and more people supporting the movement each day. You probably know people in your own life who have benefited from chiropractic at some point. Overall, chiropractic is safe, accessible, and effective. 


Chiropractors have to attend accredited schools just like other health professionals. Dr. Dillon and Dr. Monica both attended Palmer College of Chiropractic for their studies. Moreover, chiropractic is an ancient art that has been perfected over the years. Getting adjusted is safe!


Most people can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment. It’s not limited to a select group of people. Even kids are encouraged to get regular adjustments. As part of our process, we evaluate every person before starting chiropractic treatment just to be sure it’s right for them. Come visit us to see how Hometown Integrated Medicine can help you.


Finally, chiropractic medicine is effective. This therapy provides short-term relief (who doesn’t like feeling their back pop into place) and long-term benefits. Regular adjustments lead to a stronger back, better posture, and other health benefits like toxicity drainage. Take a look at our five-star reviews to see just how effective chiropractic can be.

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Find Chiropractic Care in Lancaster, Ohio

Please visit Hometown Integrated Medicine for local chiropractic treatment in Lancaster, Ohio. Our friendly staff is happy to get you set up with services at a time that’s convenient for you. To get started, we recommend visiting our new patients page. There, you’ll be able to read about becoming a new patient and call our office phone number to set up an appointment.

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Meet Our Chiropractors

Dr. Dillon Ingham D.C is a seasoned chiropractor who has been practicing for over four years. He loves helping patients recover mobility and reduce pain.


Dr. Monica Ingham D.C, CFMP was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio, and has enjoyed practicing in the town where she grew up. She loves building relationships with her patients and guiding them toward holistic wellness.

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Additional Wellness Services in Lancaster, Ohio

Chiropractic is just one of the many therapies we offer at Hometown Integrated Medicine. We aim to provide integrated, holistic health that targets the entire body. It’s why we offer therapeutic exercise, functional medicine, manual therapy, soft tissue therapy and more. 

At the end of the day, our team is here to serve you. We believe every patient is unique, which is why we don’t recommend one-size-fits-all answers. Integrative medicine is about the whole person, and you deserve to feel healthy throughout your entire body. 


We look forward to sharing more about our chiropractic services. Get in touch today.

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