Physical Therapy

Gaining strength and recovering from injury don’t always follow a straight path. Sometimes, your body doesn’t cooperate like you want it to. Instead, it might overcompensate by engaging the wrong muscles and shifting the alignment of your body. This leads to chronic pain that rest alone can’t fix.

If you’ve recently experienced a severe injury or have not fully recovered from a past injury, then it’s time to start Physical Therapy with Hometown Integrated Medicine.

Our team can put you on the path to sustainable healing. Don’t rely on pain-killers to get you though the day. And you shouldn’t have to avoid your favorite activities due to a nagging injury.

Physical therapy is a safe and effective way to help your body heal.

Physical therapy helps reduce pain in the:

  • Shoulders
  • Hips
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Other areas of the body

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How Physical Therapy Can Help You

Physical therapy is most often used after an injury or illness to get someone back to regular activities. The goal is to increase body strength, heal tissues, and make sure the body recovers properly. Without physical therapy, the body might overcompensate and cause more issues down the road.

Recover From a Recent Injury

Athletes and workers in certain fields are familiar with physical therapy. The demands of their regular activities can lead to excessive strain and injury. Other accidents involving cars, ladders, or home falls can also be addressed by physical therapy.

Manage Chronic Illness

Conditions like arthritis, degenerative illnesses, and neurological disorders can be relieved through physical therapy. These conditions make it difficult to exercise at a gym or at home. Individuals need the one-on-one assistance of a physical therapist in order to work out the muscles and joints affected. 

Regain Strength after Hospitalization

A bad case of pneumonia or surgery can leave a person in need of physical therapy. Hospitals don’t like letting their patients walk much or exercise. In many cases, this isn’t possible because of IVs and other monitoring devices. So, muscles can deteriorate over time. Physical therapy can help someone restore their strength after a long hospitalization.

Fix Longstanding Pain and Discomfort

If you wrestle with longstanding chronic pain, it could be that your body is overcompensating for a past injury. Let’s say that you hurt your left leg in a cycling accident five years ago. Although you tried your best to rest up and heal, your hips might have adjusted to compensate for a few months on crutches. Now your left leg might feel fine, but your hips nag you constantly. Physical therapy can work to reset your body and put you in proper alignment.

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What Does a Physical Therapy Session Look Like?

All physical therapy patients will begin with a comprehensive assessment. Before we can start bodywork, we need to know what tissues and joins are causing you pain. This assessment will give your therapist the data they need to create a personalized treatment plan that you will follow for the next few weeks or months. 

After the initial assessment, sessions might include a variety of different techniques determined by your unique goals. Here are some popular treatments:

  • Manual Therapy. Your therapist will manipulate specific parts of the body in order to release tension, improve blood flow, and recover range of motion.
  • Exercise. Repeating certain movements can increase strength in the body. Your therapist will recommend exercises that work for your situation
  • Balance. The body’s internal balance system can be thrown off by injury and illness. So, if you are struggling with dizziness and vertigo, balance exercises might be a good addition to your routine.
  • Hand Therapy. The hands have some of the most complicated bones, muscles, and tendons in the entire human body. A lot can go wrong. Therefore, a physical therapist might recommend hand therapy to deal with stiffness, coordination, and grip strength.

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Find Physical Therapy in Lancaster, Ohio

Hometown Integrated Medicine is Lancaster’s trusted provider of physical therapy services. Our goal is to get you healthy while also providing a caring, compassionate environment. At our practice, you can avoid the crowded waiting rooms and complex documentation of big hospitals. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re visiting a hometown doctor – because you are!

We are currently accepting new physical therapy patients. Call or message our team to set up an appointment. We can help you find a time in the week that works for you.

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Other Wellness Services in Lancaster

Perhaps you feel discomfort in your arms, back, or legs but don’t think that physical therapy is the right direction for you. In that case, check out our other services. We offer a selection of related services like chiropractic, soft tissue therapy, nutritional services, and functional medicine consultations.

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